Shuttered Shops & Homelessness

Businesses and shops throughout Vancouver are closing up and moving out to avoid high rents, leaving behind empty storefronts that Vancouver police said become attractive shelters for the region’s homeless. On Feb. 23, Vancouver police working in downtown Vancouver told members of the  Vancouver Police board on Feb. 23 that shuttered businesses on downtown streets… Continue reading Shuttered Shops & Homelessness

2016 Census Data shows New West growing fast

According to census data released last week by Stats Canada, people are moving into New Westminster at a faster rate than they are moving into B.C. and Canada. In 2016, the city’s population count was just shy of 71,000 people. That is an increase of 7.6 per cent from 2011. New West’s growth outpaced provincial… Continue reading 2016 Census Data shows New West growing fast

Walking towards a healthy community

People living in communities with easy access to transit, bike paths, and walkways may be healthier than those who don’t, but the data that establishes that does not exist. That is why researchers at UBC want to measure health outcomes across a variety of urban communities to determine those factors that contribute to better health… Continue reading Walking towards a healthy community

New Westminster pushes into modernity

Walk along its streets on a lazy Sunday afternoon and the course of the city’s growth since then is easy to see. Moving north away from the Fraser River, the port and the railroad tracks, and industry yields to the aging grace of colourful gingerbread-like homes belted with porches and capped with gables. Located 20… Continue reading New Westminster pushes into modernity