No where to go but up

There are more people living in Canada now than at anytime in history. From 1971 to 2015 the number of people calling this country home grow by a factor of 1.65, and in B.C. that number more than doubled.


In the third quarter of 2016 alone,  B.C. had 18,000 more people come into the province than leave. It was the only province to see more gains than loses in the nation. Not surprisingly most of those new arrivals land in the Lower Mainland, and most want to stay. This influx is one reason why most experts expect the population in New Westminster to grow at 18 per cent by 2021 according to a 2016 report by the United Way.

Net Influx of people moving into B.C. from other provinces and internationally.Data from B.C. Stats.

People, people everywhere. We are we going to put them?

To accommodate the people coming into New Westminster, city planner have worked aggressively to change the city’s skyline. They built apartment buildings.



One family homes, declined slightly with a small dip in the early 1980’s when several were converted into multi-family dwellings. Other habitable units were not defined in the 2013 report issued by the City of New Westminster.

Considering  that land in New Westminster is finite, and population is continuing to grow, that skyline is will have to change some more. If the city doesn’t work to keep a supply of homes available to new residents, the cost of housing will climb faster than income.


(Postcard image is of Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C. 1962)


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