The bond of foodies

Food is important to a handful of Twitter loving New Westminster residents who want perfect Montreal Bagels, perogies, tacos, and pho locally available.

It usually starts with a simple question on Twitter: “Where can I buy XXX?” Within 30 minutes it becomes full on chat, led by Naomi Perk and Jen Arbo. Soon others others chime in, offering recommendations, recipes, reviews and stories.

Yet, only one new restaurant, El Santo, has managed capture these foodies taste buds.

Twitter rants, food and New Westminster’s obsessions

Mayor Jonathan Cote recently raved about El Santo, a Mexican restaurant on Columbia street, two weeks before it was reviewed in The Vancouver Sun. His tweet triggered a commentary on the problem with Mexican food in the Lower Mainland that reveal just how challenging it is to please the local palette.

His worship’s tweet about El Santo. (screenshot)

The names of eight restaurants and seven local stores came up during the perogi chat in early January.

View the story “Perogi in New Westminster” on Storify

//[<a href=”//” target=”_blank”>View the story “Perogi in New Westminster” on Storify</a>]


Finally there was the tantalizing discussion was about a road trip to Montreal after someone shared a craving for the city’s famous wood-oven fired bagels.

Lack of options

There are a number of restaurants in New Westminster, and more on on the way.

Kelly O’Bryan’s Neighbourhood Restaurants and Carlos O’Bryan’s Neighbourhood Pubs has leased the old CP Railroad train station building in downtown New Westminster.

The old train station and site of a new Irish Pub. Photo Jean-François Chénier, all rights reserved.

Reg Henry, the company’s owner, told The Record that he wants to open a traditional, community centred Irish Pub there.

But will fish and chips, burgers and more craft beer serve the cravings of the cities vocal foodies?



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