The first time we saw New Westminster, it was a cold, grey March morning. We were going to our first pre-sale event to purchase our first home. (Yes, our first home.) The moment we stepped out of the train at New Westminster Skytrain station and onto Columbia street, we both knew: this is home.

In 2018, we will be moving to New Westminster, and the anticipation is hard to contain. When we moved from Montreal to Japan in 1998, I had always assumed we’d return to Montreal. Instead we kept roaming, landing in the Lower Mainland in 2014, happy to be back in Canada, and happier still to be exploring a new region in the world.

My name is Bonnie Lee La Madeleine. My husband is Jean-François Chénier. We are writers. Our cats are Edo and Pyx, and they are probably less excited about yet another move than they will be about the view.